Follow-up report (semi-final): APCSEET2013, July5-8, Narita, Japan 


Dear colleagues,



The webpage of APCSEET2015 is now available.


2nd - 5th July 2015, University of Seoul, KOREA


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     Abstract Deadline is 31 October 2014


See you next year in Korea !!




Most of the special Issues of APCSEET2013 have been published.


1. Energy and Environment Research: (e-version: will be altered a little)



2. Journal of Japan Institute of Energy: (Some are included in the following issues)



3. Journal of Chemical Engineering Japan: (One is included in the next issue)


(This site may be closed after some period of free access. –In this case please contact to Prof. Kojima:


4. Journal of Arid Land Studies: SUSTAINABLE ECOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES (Special issue has been published: pdf. file has also been uploaded in





Thank you very much for your kind cooperation during the conference.  Around 200 papers have been presented and discussed by more than 200 participants as follows.


Up to now, we have not received URL of APCSEET2015.  When it is available, I (or Korean colleagues) will send this information.  Except this most of the information has been summarized as follows.


1. Formal participants’ number with countries has been fixed as follows:


Scientific participants 219 (Afghanistan 1, Australia 6, Bangladesh 1,

China 8, Ghana 2, Indonesia 3, India 17, Italy 1, Japan 122, Korea 21,

Malaysia 6, Iran 2, Tunisia 1, Saudi Arabia 3, Singapore 2, Thailand 9,

Taiwan 11, USA 2, Viet Nam 1) with 5 accompanying person (totally 224).


2. Special Issues in Journals: Guide for submission of full papers.

---The summary file is also attached.  


Please note that the publication cost of ONE full paper in the four journals is included in the participation fee only for regular and regular students. (Publication cost of full papers is not included in the participation fee for ONE DAY participants, STUDENTS with SPECIAL fee and ACCOMPANYING persons 


1:A: SUSTAINABLE ECOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES in Journal of Arid Land Studies: Submission Deadline has been extended to Oct. 30, 2013.  If you would like to submit your full paper, please inform of your paper title by the end of September.  If the authors of five full papers which have already been submitted would like to revise them, please inform us of it by the end of Sept.  The contact/sending e-mail is   


2:C:. SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES in J. Chem. Eng. Japan: Submission has been closed.  Totally 21 papers are now under review. 


3:E:. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES in Journal of Japan Inst. Energy: Pre-registration for full paper submission has been closed.  Totally 29 papers have been registered and review process of 10 papers has started. Submission Due is Oct. 30, 2013. 


4:R:. ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH IN ASIA PACIFIC REGION in Energy and Environment Research: The deadline of the full paper submission is Oct. 30, 2013.  The dead line will not be extended.  We should be very grateful if you could send your tile to by the end of September (though it was not requested so far---).


As to the details please visit the page of special issues.

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3. Awards list—Please see the followings.  Congratulations!!

Best Poster Award I02 A087.pdf
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Best Poster Award I07 A082.pdf
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Best Poster Award J03 A137.pdf
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Best Poster Award J15 A119.pdf
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Best Presentation Award A20 A129.pdf
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Best Presentation Award B20 A136.pdf
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Best Presentation Award D37 A046a.pdf
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4. Photo gallery (please send us your nice photos) has been uploaded in the following link.